Why Choose Phoenix OHC


In contracting for the services of Phoenix OHC personnel, you will gain the benefit of a leader in the field that combines up-to-date science with appropriate professional judgement. Phoenix OHC’s personnel are highly competent, fully equipped with the latest information and technology, and have many years of practical experience to draw upon. We are adept at defining the scope of a project to address the fundamental issues of concern.

We respond promptly to urgent requests, and have done so on everything from middle-of-the-night work refusals (resolved in less than two hours) to urgent holiday-weekend asbestos or mould risk assessment and abatement projects.

Project sizes can range anywhere from single ergonomic workstation evaluations to comprehensive industrial hygiene surveys of large manufacturing facilities, or multi-season appraisals of indoor air quality in office complexes. We also ensure that time and resources expended on your behalf are done so cost-effectively, and with prior authorization at every stage.





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