Mould & Other Bioaerosols

Biological contaminants that may affect the health of building occupants are not limited to fungi (mould), but may also include bacteria as well as allergens produced by pets, dust mites, cockroaches and rodents. Many bioaerosols are common to both indoor and outdoor enviroments. However, the comfort and health of building occupants can be affected where there is an indoor accumulation, such as may result from a catastrophic event (e.g., flooding or sewage back-up / spill), or poor building maintenance, design or operation (e.g. chronic water intrusion or condensation). 


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Services include:

  • Visual inspection and assessment
  • Moisture intrusion studies, including infrared camera surveys
  • Air sampling for environmental fungi or bacteria and their byproducts:
    • total and culturable spores
    • bacterial counts, Gram stain and/or identification
    • bird and bat pathogen screening
    • nosocomial species by PCR (rapid turnaround)
    • MVOCs
    • mycotoxin
    • endotoxin
  • Wall cavity sampling
  • Allergen sampling - dust mite, dog, cat, cockroach, mouse, pollen and fungi
  • Assessment of surface or material contamination (swab, tape lift or bulk sample)
  • Screening for fecal or sewage contamination
  • Remediation services for building owners and insurance companies:
    • Project scope, design and specifications
    • Project management
    • Mould remediation


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