Historically, asbestos saw widespread usage due to its thermal and electrical insulating ability, chemical resistance and other properties. It has been used in the construction of buildings for a variety of purposes such as fireproofing and thermal insulation, as well as in vinyl floor tiles, laboratory hoods and benches, roofing felts, siding, dry wall joint compound and ceiling tiles. Other applications of asbestos have included cement pipes, brake and clutch linings and pads, textiles, gaskets, coatings and sealants.




In Ontario, the latest Regulation respecting Asbestos on Construction Projects (O.Reg. 278/05) came into force on November 1, 2005. This Regulation specifies a detection limit for asbestos content and the analytical methodology for its analysis, covers non-friable as well as friable asbestos and has changed the classifications and

requirements for Type 1, 2 and 3 asbestos projects, including a requirement for air sampling with Type 3 projects.


Phoenix OHC provides a comprehensive range of asbestos services including:




Asbestos Management Programs

  • Surveys of friable and non-friable asbestos containing materials (ACMs)
  • Collection of bulk samples for determination of asbestos content (type, percentage)
  • Identification of condition of ACMs
  • Recommendations for remediation and measures required to achieve a compliant management program
  • Annual inspections of condition of ACMs
  • Asbestos awareness training

Designated Substance Surveys

  • Identification of asbestos-containing materials, as well as other designated substances (e.g., lead, mercury, silica) in buildings
  • Specifications for asbestos abatement projects


Air Sampling


Asbestos Cleaning











  • Clearance air sampling of Type 3 projects in accordance with methods prescribed in the new Ontario Asbestos Regulation
  • Air monitoring outside the containment with near real-time display of results for rapid detection of leaks and protection of adjacent work areas, using a Fibrous Aerosol Monitor (FAM)
  • Pre-and post-abatement air monitoring of type 1 and 2 projects
  • Vermiculite Surveys – bulk and air samples.


Urgent Services

  • Available for after hours, weekends and holidays
  • Collection of bulk samples of suspect ACMs
  • Sampling of airborne asbestos fibres
  • Near real-time air monitoring of fibre levels.


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